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Weekend Pass Registration

Personal Information

Please include your hometown. This information will be used in the production of the race broadcast. If applicable, please use the postal abbreviation of your State or Province in the "State / Province / Region" field. You may ignore the "Address Line 1" and "Zip Code" fields if you wish.

iRacing Information

Please include your iRacing Account Name as it appears on your membership; this can differ from your legal name above.
Double-check to ensure your iRacing ID is correct – even if you think you know, log in to your "My Account" page on the Members Site to ensure the number you enter is correct.

Event Preferences

Please select the support races of the All-American eSports 400 you wish to participate in.
Please select your preferred car number. CAR NUMBERS WILL NOT BE ASSIGNED FOR THE QUALIFIERS; they will only be assigned for the featured race. Though Podium eSports will take your preferences into consideration, car numbers will ultimately be assigned at Podium eSports' discretion.
Please select a secondary car number in the event that your primary choice is taken.
Please select a tertiary car number in the event that your secondary choice is taken. In the event that a driver qualifies for the Retro 500 and all three of their number choices are taken, Podium eSports will contact that driver(s) to confirm car numbers for the race on Sunday.

Broadcast Information

If you have any sponsors please list them in the corresponding fields. If you carry sponsors on your car that are not from the iRacing Paint Booth, you must be able to provide documentation proving that you have permission to run those sponsor's logos on your car if asked. If you do not have any sponsors, please leave this field blank.
If you only have one primary sponsor, please leave this field and the rest of the sponsor fields blank.
If you only have two primary sponsors, please leave this field and the other sponsor field blank.
If you only have three primary sponsors, please leave this field blank. This field is not to be used for contingency sponsors.
What cars/ series/ leagues do you currently run on iRacing? Are you a former league champion at Podium or elsewhere? Have you won any major standalone events? Like the "Hometown" section above, this information will help the broadcast team highlight you during races.
What is your rig like that you race on? Do you run on a proper sim rig or a desktop? One monitor or three? What wheel and pedals do you run?
Where did you hear about this event? Social Media? Podium eSports' website? A Twitch stream? Another driver? Please list your source here.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload a headshot if available for use on the broadcast. This picture will be used for on-screen graphics throughout the event. Podium eSports prefers headshots that are taken directly on the face with a solid background and bright lighting on the face. Headshots should be no smaller than 500px by 500px in size.
Do you have a webcam at your rig that could be used during event coverage?


Are you older or younger than 18 years of age?
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