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CARS eSport Tour – Single Race Registration

This number is the number iRacing assigned to your account when you first signed up. This can be found on the "My Account" page when you log into the iRacing members site.

Please write out your iRacing name exactly as it appears on your account. Include any numbers you may have at the end of your iRacing Name as well.

Please write out your first and last name as it appears on your legal ID.

The following forms will allow us to identify where you are from. This information is used primarily on our broadcasts to identify you as a driver and connect you with our viewers. If you would rather not give out your information, the fields regarding your location are optional.

For states and provinces, please use your state or province's postal abbreviation (example: NC, TX, ON).

Please write out your country's name in full (for the U.S., use "United States").

This is used for payouts only.

Please let us know your latest iRacing License Class, Safety Rating and iRating at the time of registration.

Please let us know which series you intend to race in.

Please select the race night in which you intend to compete.

Car Number Preferences *


Please select three to five different car number choices that you would like to use, in order of preference.

If you have team affiliations, please list team affiliations here. Otherwise, leave this field blank.

If you have any primary sponsors please list them in the corresponding fields. No sponsors are permitted without a signed statement from the company giving you permission to use their logos. If you do not have any sponsors, please leave this field blank.

If you only have one primary sponsor, please leave this field and the rest of the sponsor fields blank.

If you only have two primary sponsors, please leave this field and the other sponsor field blank.

If you only have three primary sponsors, please leave this field blank. This field is not to be used for contingency sponsors.

What cars/ series/ leagues do you currently run on iRacing? Are you a former league champion at Podium or elsewhere? Have you won any major standalone events? Like the "Hometown" section above, this information will help the broadcast team highlight you during races.

Where did you hear about the CARS eSport Tour? Social Media? The CARS Tour website? Podium eSports' website? Another driver? Please list your source here.

If you have a paint scheme that you would like shown on the broadcast, please submit a 16-bit .TGA file of your paint scheme here. All paint schemes MUST adhere to the rules set forth in the corresponding section of the series rulebook.